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Heading LK hc

Vissertje, Nov 4, 10 3:01 PM.
So, now we all got Glory (most of us, rest will be soon:)), LK HC is our next goal.

Good job on getting so far!

Algalon down

Váleera, Nov 2, 10 4:40 PM.
Yo guildies,

Some of our guildies along with some none-guildies managed to take down Algalon on 25-man.
All congratulations with your 'the Astral Walker' title.

PP HC down with the guild!

Vissertje, Oct 21, 10 9:03 AM.

Raiding teams

Váleera, Oct 10, 10 6:24 PM.
Heya Guildies,

I made a new page on the website which shows the guild the current raiding teams for sundays (This is to let people know what to expect so there will be less QQ about the raids and more Pewpew in the raids). These teams aren't definite yet, but they will be soon. Also, I will post the 25-man raid team here asap.

Also, because a lot of people didn't vote for which day they wanted the 25-man raid, we decided to do what the majority of the people who did post a reaction on the forum wanted and set the 25-man raid to wednesday (19 - 23 h)

by Váleera

Edit note: 10 and 25 mans share the same save now, so the 25-man runs will no longer be going on.


Váleera, Oct 9, 10 8:48 AM.
Recruitment will now be done via website and not in game anymore.

by Váleera
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